In the Russian social network has introduced a new innovation for games


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Odnoklassniki

“Classmates” launched a television Cabinet for game developers. As stated in the press release received by the editors”.ru”, administrators will be able to promote their products directly through the Russian social network.

In order to promote my game, don’t need any special knowledge. “With the new service, the administrators of the games OK can target important to the field of game development”, — stated in the material.

Developers will be able to exclude the audience promoted the game and be targeted on players who are competitors, choosing those who have previously made payments, or those who never paid. New features will help to gather an audience similar in style and subject matter of the games that interested in a new offer. In addition, administrators will be able to choose the gender and age of people who show an ad.

At the moment there are two format of advertising: image or video “Play” button. To promote the product, you need to click on “Promote” on the page with the game and issue advertising publication.

As the Director of business development “Classmates” Alex Cooks, representatives of social networks has long planned to implement a feature that will allow developers to find their audience. “The main challenge in the development of the advertising office of “OK” games we set out to create a simple and intuitive interface,” said he.

In honor of the launch of game developers are waiting for the gift: IGRA promocode users will be able to double the funds for the promotion of games.

Earlier it was reported that Russian social network “Odnoklassniki” has launched an improved recommendation system in their own music service. A new algorithm based on neural networks and machine learning technology analyzes the sound tracks that the user has previously listened to, and recommends similar songs.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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