LC has accused Ukraine in violation of the indefinite truce


www.vsyako.netArchived fotofoto: Oleksandr Klymenko / Reuters

The self-proclaimed authorities of the Luhansk national Republic (LNR) has accused the Armed forces of Ukraine in violation of the indefinite truce, which came into force on 27 July. On Thursday, July 30, reports “Lugansk information center”.

On the night of 30 July, the Ukrainian troops fired from handheld antitank grenade launcher, grenade launcher, automatic mounted grenade launchers and small arms, said head of the national police LNR Yan Leshchenko.

The attack was made in the area of the village Golubovska. The fire was opened immediately upon completion of the observation flight of the drone of the OSCE, said Leshchenko.

On full and comprehensive cease-fire Ukraine, Russia and the OSCE agreed in the framework of the Trilateral contact group (TAG). This is the 21st attempt to comply with the agreement on an indefinite ceasefire. In the afternoon of 27 July, Kiev said that the Republic of Donbass violated the ceasefire. Donetsk and Luhansk have called it a provocation.

Special monitoring mission of the OSCE recorded 111 violations of the truce on July 27.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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