Millions of Americans predicted poverty


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About 12.2 million Americans would be in poverty if Congress does not extend the program of assistance to families. To such conclusion experts of the Urban Institute, writes Bloomberg.

The poverty rate will rise to 11.9 percent over the past five months 2020, if not approved the unemployment benefits, approved the second stimulus package and increased the monthly subsidies to purchase food within SNAP (food stamp program). “Many families prepare for hard times and poverty as support from the government stops,” said one of the study’s authors, Gregory AC.

In households where at least one person lost his job because of the crisis, the level of poverty in the period from August to December predict at 15.6 percent, and in Latin American and 20 percent. On July 27, the Republicans announced a plan at a trillion dollars, it involves the reduction of weekly benefits, but provides direct payments some families.

The researchers argue that the most effective measure for the prevention of poverty will be direct payments — $ 1200 per person and $ 2,400 for a family. The number of applications for unemployment benefits last week rose to 1.42 million. This means that unprecedented numbers of American families still rely on benefits, the newspaper writes. Continued unemployment could be a disaster for millions, experts say.

Earlier, the US Administration considered excessive unemployment benefits to Americans during a pandemic coronavirus. According to officials, many Americans sitting at home, received more than after returning to work.

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