Named the country with the cheapest mobile Internet


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Named the country with the cheapest unlimited mobile Internet. This is stated in the research of the analytical company Content Review, which is at the disposal of edition”.ru”. The leader is Kazakhstan: the unlimited plan there will cost 929 rubles. The second place is Poland (842 rubles), and third place went to Russia (887 rubles). Also in the top five went to Mexico and India. Cheaper GB is in India (7.8 per ruble), Israel (26.7 ruble) and Indonesia (28.8 rubles).

As a whole, has risen in the world of mobile Internet tariffs increased by 8 percent. It is clarified that the rising cost of gigabytes due to the launch of 5G networks, as well as the workload of networks due to pandemic coronavirus. The world average, one Gigabyte costs about 188 rubles, and in Russia it is worth 31 rubles. The average cost tariff with unlimited Internet in the world amounted to 3981,11 of the ruble, in Russia – 887,5 of the ruble, analysts estimated.

Now there is a tendency for the abandonment of tariffs with unlimited Internet: for the nine countries of the 50 States with the biggest GDP. In return they offer a great amount of traffic. “The launch of 5G networks has a dual effect, on the one hand, this allows operators to launch tariff with unlimited traffic, on the other hand, this is the reason for the increase in the cost of services, and for subscribers of all generations of communication,” the study says.

The pandemic coronavirus and the introduction of quarantine measures the load on mobile networks increased by 20-40 percent and demanded that the operators additional costs for the increase of capacities and the elimination of accidents. Well as transnational operators raise prices on the background of U.S. sanctions against Huawei and Chinese companies seeking in advance to compensate for future losses.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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