Named the true reason of growth of sales of condoms in isolation in Russia


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Sales of condoms during isolation in Russia has occurred because of the desire residents to stock up. The true cause of this phenomenon is called sexologist, psychotherapist, President of public organization “Professional Association of doctors-sexologists” Eugene Kulgavchuk in an interview with “the”.

“People were hoarding not only buckwheat, but also condoms. Because of this sale some time really increased. And when the quarantine is lifted, and sales have dropped due to the fact that people have left the reserves,” said sexologist commenting on the data of DSM Group about the growth in sales of condoms by 30 percent in March and Durex statistics about the decline in sexual activity of people around the world.

While Kulgavchuk added that the harmonious couples sex on the isolation became more. “On personal observations I can say is that if on average, people have sex 1-2 times a week, in the period of self-isolation in these pairs the number of sex increased to 3-4 times a week,” he said.

Earlier Kulgavchuk said that the decline in sexual activity among today’s youth occurred due to the wide spread of pornography and Hobbies social networks. Family relationships, according to sex therapist, also affect young people’s interest in sex. So if a person grew up in a single-parent family and didn’t get a good example of the relationship from the parents, he runs the risk of “slipping into formal domestic style of communication” with the opposite sex.

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