Plushenko revealed the details of working with Trudovoy


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Double Olympic champion and now coach of Evgeni Plushenko revealed details of working with the skater Alexandra Trusova. His words are available on the website of the channel “Match TV”.

“We’re working hard to slide, skating and artistry. That’s what was missing from the athlete before,” — said Plushenko. He noticed that Trusova, “the laborer, and the toiler”, and it is interesting to work with.

In addition, the specialist stated that the purpose of Trudovoy — execution of five quadruple jumps in the free program, as well as a clean triple Axel. “Sasha has no fear, she is not afraid to fall. Can you compare it with a bull Terrier, who goes on the attack”, — said Plushenko.

On July 29, the coach noticed that Trusova in his Academy occupies a leading position, and stretch her other wards. He said that the school gathered ambitious young people who want to exceed the athlete.

Before moving to the Academy Plushenko Trusov engaged in group Eteri Tutberidze. According to some experts, two-time Olympic champion lured the athlete more favorable financial conditions. Plushenko rejected the accusations.

16-year-old Trusov — the double world champion among juniors. In season 2019/2020, which became the first skater at the senior level, she won two Grand Prix and took third place in the series finale. The assets of Russians also bronze of the adult European championship.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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