Revealed easy ways to get a seat in business class aircraft


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Travelers have uncovered easy methods to get a ticket in the business class of the aircraft. The recommendation of the passengers posted on the portal, Smarter Travel, leads the Daily Express.

The first Council which gave the tourists to be “loyal” customer of the airline. In the case that tourists often use the services of the same carrier, for it provides for various bonuses. Also, passengers are advised to use credit cards — this will allow you to accumulate miles that can later be used for upgrades.

The registration for the selected flight, the article says, it is better to pass in advance, preferably 24 hours before planting. “The “early birds” are more likely to get privileges in flight, though usually for that you have to pay extra. (…) As the quality of places are becoming less”, — stated in the text.

The authors of the material also advised to arrive at the airport well in advance and “did not hesitate”, to inquire at the Desk whether there are tickets available in business class and how much they should pay. While tourists should look neat, because “no one will put you in the front of the plane, if you’re in shorts and flip-flops”.

“Don’t forget to look for the best deals. If you are traveling with family or a companion, the purchase of two fares of the first class may be cheaper,” — says the article.

On 26 June it was reported that the employees of the airlines has opened ways for free to enter the airport lounge, to comfortably spend time before the flight. Many noted that the VIP room you can use debit or credit cards.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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