Russia has started to slow down one of the most mysterious speculators of the world


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Search one of the most mysterious speculators of the world, the former operating Director of the German payment system of Wirecard Jan Marsalek, has stalled due to Russia’s position, according to The Wall Street Journal.

As the message of the German government deputies, Berlin, on 22 July, Moscow has requested data on the possible entry Marsalek in the country, but as of July 28 and have not received a response.

Beginning to suspect the escape of a top Manager Wirecard in Russia marked the publication of several journalistic groups. According to them, the first Marsalek arrived in Belarus, and then was taken to Russia and is now under protection in the country in the suburbs.

The WSJ claims that Interpol issued a “red notice”, that is an international warrant for the arrest of a suspect in the fraud.

Wirecard tried to expose financial fraud and misrepresentation of statistics in the past year, as a result, in June the audit found that the accounts of the company do not have 1.9 billion euros. The General Director of payment system Marcus brown was arrested and Marsalek managed to escape. According to preliminary data, before leaving in an unknown direction, he moved from Dubai to Russia considerable means, their exact amount is not called.

Figure Marsalek attracted special attention not only from thiscategory. It turned out that the top Manager was familiar with many of the secret documents. For example, he is trying to impress your business partners, showing them the reports of British intelligence on the case Skipala and claimed to know the formula of the nerve agent “Beginner”.

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