Russian scientists went into the Big Norilsk expedition to Taimyr



On the Taimyr Peninsula started the field phase of the Norilsk Large expedition to study the consequences of the oil spill. Russian experts until the end of August will collect samples of plants, soils and sediments in the area of Norilsk, will take water samples from the Taimyr basins of rivers and lakes Pyasino. This is stated in the press release of the organizers, arrived in “the”.

A team of scientists taking part in the field work consists of 17 people. They are divided into five groups: Hydrobiology, terrestrial ecosystems, bio – and sooruzenii, sediments, permafrost soils. Only expedition involving dozens of employees of the 14 institutes of the Siberian branch of Russian Academy of Sciences: soil scientists, chemists, organic chemists, inorganic, botanists, zoologists, microbiologists.

First, the researchers will identify risk areas and assess the impact of petroleum products on the environment, and then will decide on further steps, said the expert for the integrated study of technological systems and fields Nikolay Yurkevich.

Director of Krasnoyarsk scientific center SB RAS Zoe Yanchenko noted that the long and laborious process will be collecting samples of soil and plants. “In addition, you need to dig the sample, you also need to look at the morphology of the soil, to describe each horizon and take samples from each horizon on the subject of chemical analysis,” she said.

The expedition will last for five months — until November. The first results of the integrated analysis is expected in November-December 2020. These results will form the basis of scientific recommendations for industrial companies on environmental solutions activities in the Arctic zone.

29 may in the territory of TPP-3 of the Norilsk-Taimyr energy company (NTEC, is a group of “Norilsk Nickel”) was a massive oil spill and the subsequent contamination of soils and nearby water bodies. The incident is considered the largest environmental disaster in the history of the Russian Arctic.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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