Sailed hundreds of miles with the body of a dead baby orca was pregnant again


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Scientists have found that killer whale in 2018 sailed a thousand miles with the body of her dead baby, is pregnant again. It is reported by the LADbible.

In 2018, the Internet has become famous-mother-whale named Tahlequah (Tahlequah), also known as the J35, which for 17 days pushed in front of a head who died from a hunger of the baby. Scientists have named this trip the “tour of sorrow,” and noted that earlier he had never seen such behavior among these animals. All this time the mammal, according to observers, published “full of sadness” sounds.

At the end of July 2020, the researchers stated that the J35 is pregnant again. They managed to figure it out by the pictures shot using a drone. The photo shows that over the past few months the female has considerably increased in size. The news caused admiration among the users of social networks, they hoped that this time the baby will survive.

Marine biologists noted the importance of pregnancy J35, as her species is considered endangered. Scientists also reported that ocean pollution is the cause of disorders of the reproductive system of killer whales, and urged people to protect nature. “People need to appreciate orcas, these animals deserve a chance at life,” said marine biologist John Durban (Durban John).

Earlier in the Gulf the Australian city of Perth, Western Australia, noticed the grieving female Dolphin, pushing the head of the dead cub. Experts urged people not to disturb the animal and give him time to grieve.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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