She offered the mother money for an abortion and finding support network


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19-year-old girl told on Reddit about how, after learning about the sixth pregnancy of his mother, called the parents irresponsible and offered to give them money for an abortion. In the network it found support: many agreed with the girl and felt that she did the right thing.

The lady said that in her family of five children, the eldest 21 and the youngest is seven. “We was raised poor, and our parents are often financially dependent on relatives and friends.” She added that in childhood they never had new clothes or toys, they usually accept help from other people. In addition, the family members did not go anywhere and did not go, and never “doing anything funny”.

The girl said that father always was a mediocre job, and his mother was a housewife. The parents are very religious people, think kids are God’s gift.

The day before the publication of the post, the parents gathered the children in the living room, reported that they have good news, and said that expecting a sixth child. After learning about the pregnancy of the mother, the girl snapped. “I asked them how can you be so stupid and irresponsible,” she confessed.

Then the author of the post said the parents how they intend to provide a sixth child. It turned out that they wanted to take the older children the money their uncle left each of five children could use their part after coming of age. The girl refused to help because were planning to spend the money on College tuition. She also advised the mother to have an abortion and said they are willing to pay for it.

In response, the father called her selfish and said that it makes him disgusted. Mother cried and said her daughter is a heartless monster. “Since then, the atmosphere in the house is very tense,” said the author of the post.

In the comments, Reddit users supported the girl. Many advised her to make sure that parents do not have access to the money that she and her brothers and sisters left uncle. “Don’t give them a penny and don’t help with the baby, no matter how they tried to make you feel guilty. They made a choice, so let them deal with the problems,” added Jax_Cat11.

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Video, photo All from Russia.


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