“The beauty of the Kardashians” showed the luxurious interior decoration of your home


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American supermodel Kendall Jenner, which the TV presenter piers Morgan called the only beauty in the family Kardashian, showed reporters a luxurious decoration of his home in Los Angeles. Photographs published edition AD.

In a series of pictures presented to the living of celebrities, made in light natural tones and wooden decor items. The space contains a fireplace, two sofas with lots of pillows, a small table and potted plants. “I’m not fond of parties, here you will rarely find party-goers. I like to turn on the music, light the fireplace and candles and matches to watch NBA with my friends,” said Jenner in an interview.

The furniture in the dining room of the stars are made of walnut and oak, on the walls are canvases, her personal photos, and also black metal candle holders. The kitchen interior is complemented by marble and copper details, and the cooking area is painted in bright turquoise color.

In the same shades decorated bathroom. The video captured the massive gold-plated bathtub.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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