The brutal murder of rapper explained the peculiarity of the area of Saint-Petersburg


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Russian journalist and sports commentator Kirill Nabutov explained the increase in violent killings, including rapper Andy Cartwright, in St. Petersburg, aura and the “nature city” because he “stands on the dismemberment”. It is reported by Telegram-channel “Rise”.

According to Nabutov, a feature of the building of Saint Petersburg is that it was erected in the cemetery. “You have to understand that the city was built by the forces of a huge number of migrant workers who were rounded up against their will from different parts of then country, not even Empire. And they die like flies, and burying them everywhere. In the XVIII century when Anna Ivanovna sometimes used such exotic popular in Russia as a punishment quartering,” — said the journalist.

Nabutov reminded that in St.-Petersburg the action “Crime and punishment” Dostoevsky. In his opinion, can be called “technical marriage artist” is the fact that Raskolnikov is not dismembered the old woman money-lender, as feared the appearance of sisters.

“If we go through those very same streets where lived the Professor Sokolov and some other people, we turn our attention to the hero of Gogol’s story “Nose”. What’s “Nose”? It separated the nose who travels independently around the city. Why be surprised that periodically in this city there bursts of sentiment, expressed in the mutilation, it is not necessary”, — concluded the commentator.

Earlier in St. Petersburg detained a wife of rapper Alexander Yushko, known as Andy Cartwright. It is noted that the wife dismembered his body, and laid it in bags and said that her husband died four days before from a drug overdose.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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