The connection of the second wave of coronavirus and the beginning of the school year in Russia denied


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The second wave of the coronavirus will not be associated with the return of nonresident students to Moscow and St. Petersburg to the beginning of the school year. The increased incidence because of the resumption of classes was denied by the Director of Saint Petersburg research Institute of epidemiology and Microbiology named after Pasteur Rospotrebnadzor Areg totolyan, reports TASS on Thursday, July 30.

“In the autumn we can expect the rise in the incidence of СОVID-19, but not from 10 to 14 September, and in connection with seasonal growth of acute respiratory viral infection. If you compare with the spring [April-may], that this level of incidence should not be”, — he said, stressing that immunity to the new coronavirus infection gradually formed, and by early autumn the immune stratum in Moscow and St. Petersburg will increase. The expert noted that it “gives us even more optimism about how will take place the beginning of the school year.”

Commenting on the findings of scientists about the growth of morbidity due to the beginning of the school year, totolyan said: “to say that the correct calculations, you need to see the simulations themselves, not their end result. From the given question it is unclear what factors, in addition to the duration of the incubation period were taken into account in the simulation”.

Previously, scientists of St. Petersburg state University (SPBU) announced that nonresident students for the school year will return to Moscow and St. Petersburg, can trigger a second wave of coronavirus. According to the forecasts of the St. Petersburg state University, from 10th to 14th of September, the number of infections in the capitals can grow by 10-15 percent. “In my opinion, all non-resident students, coming, must undergo mandatory testing or, as a more stringent measure, a two-week quarantine,” said co-head of the working group “Tekhnet” National technology initiative Alexey Borovkov.

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