The efficiency of face recognition system in terms of mask mode


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Medical masks, which became popular in the period of the pandemic coronavirus, reduce the efficiency of face recognition system, which often apply at the state level. This is the conclusion reached by researchers of the National Institute of standards and technology (NIST). They put six million people through the system that was supposed to match the images of one and the same person in a mask and without it (one-to-one).

It was found that the PPE would increase the probability of incorrect triggering of the system by 5-50 percent. While the greater part of the nose closed mask, the lower the recognition accuracy. In addition, it was found that the most effective systems of face protect mask black color, and also products of round shape. In General photographs of people in masks often resulted in system errors during the processing of faces.

In the experiment with the masks, the number of false negatives (the photographs of one and the same person is not mapped) positives are increased and false positives (mapped image of different people) positives remained stable or decreased slightly.

Clarifies that tested the algorithms by measuring the distance between the eyes, nose and mouth and compare these data with other photos. Such systems are one-to-one most often used in border crossings and passport control for verification of a person’s photograph in the document. The types of systems one-to-many, which are used for mass surveillance by matching faces in the crowd faces in the database, error rate will be even higher, as it is impossible to control the angle and degree of illumination, the researchers suggest.

Earlier it was reported that scientists from the Institute of molecular medicine named Joao Lobo Antunes in Lisbon (Portugal) has created a mask called MoxAdTech, which can neutralize and subsequently kill the virus SARS-CoV-2. This reusable mask is made of several layers of waterproof fabric that can be washed and boil up to 50 times. MoxAdTech clinically tested, its efficiency is higher than ordinary protective equipment 99 percent.

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