The fans named in honor of the Indian team has banned native American headdresses



Ice hockey team “Chicago Blackhawks” (Chicago Blackhawks) has banned its fans to wear native American headdresses at home games for reasons of anti-racism and respect for native Americans. Reported by the Associated Press.

“There are sacred symbols traditionally designed for leaders who deserved great respect in his tribe, and should not be generalized or used as a costume or everyday clothing,” explained his decision by the club administration.

To change the name and logo, which depicts a native American, the team refused. The nickname of the club refers to the division “Blackhawk”, participated in the First world war — it was named in honor of the famous leader of an Indian tribe saukov.

Earlier it was reported that the team “Washington Redskins” (“Washington Redskins”) changed its name and logo due to accusations of racism. Considering such a move and the baseball team “Cleveland Indians” (“Cleveland Indians”)

Video, photo All from Russia.


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