The man-eater took the bather a seal and killed her


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Julie Dimperio Holowach page on Facebook

Off the coast of the U.S. state of man, the great white shark, also known as the great white, killed a woman. According to the publication New York Post, the victim died at the scene from his injuries.

63-year-old Julie Dimperio Holovach (Julie Dimperio Holowach), who previously headed the company making bags in new York, was swimming with his daughter near Bailey island Monday, July 27. Women sailed about 20 meters from the shore, vacationers say that they heard, as they joked and laughed.

However, after a few seconds, situated on the shore people heard the cries for help on Holovach was attacked by a shark, probably mistaking her for a seal. Head bathers in a moment disappeared under the water, her daughter tried to help her, but couldn’t. Then she swam to shore and fell upon the sand and began to beg for help.

The place of the attack shark headed nearby two of the kayaker. They removed a bleeding Holowach from the water and taken ashore. Arrived at the doctors declared her dead.

The state government at an emergency press conference said that the cause of death was the attack of a great white shark. Fish species were identified according to the fragment of tooth left in one of the wounds. The authorities suggested that predatory fish took dressed in a wetsuit the bather a seal. The incident was the first case of human death due to a man-eater throughout the state for all history of observations.

Earlier it was reported that a three-meter white shark (or shark-eater) killed a surfer off the coast of the Australian state of New South Wales. She bit off the man’s leg.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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