The man returned accidentally transferred to his account a large amount of money and became famous


www.vsyako.netVandal Of Telefoto: @Wandile_Ntuli

A resident of South Africa returned to the sender of the money that was mistakenly transferred into his Bank account. This publication reports Briefly.

Tuesday, July 28, Vandal Ntuli (Wandile Ntuli) told me on Twitter that the man accidentally transferred to his Bank account nine thousand Rand (39.4 thousand). The sender was upset by the mistake and contacted Ntuli.

Instead of leaving the money for himself, the author of the post returned them to the rightful owner.

In confirmation of his words Ntuli have attached screenshots of the status of your account. “I sent them away boys,” he wrote.

The post quickly became viral, and the people of Africa lauded Ntuli. One of them wrote: “God Bless you, Vandal. What you did is a very good thing to do.” “Just subscribed to you because you’re a good man,” said another.

Ntuli praised for his honesty. They recognized that you wouldn’t like him. “I wouldn’t even read a message or SMS on this account. Turned off the phone while he removed the money in the Bank,” wrote one user.

Earlier it was reported that a Walmart employee in the canadian province of British Columbia, impoverished and left without business because of the pandemic, COVID-19, found a bag with several thousand canadian dollars and returned it to the owner. The woman wished to reward the honest worker, but company representatives were not allowed to give their employees any gifts or money, as this is contrary to the internal policy of the network.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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