The program for the disabled in Russia was recognized as a failure


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Analysis of government commitments to improve the housing conditions of Russian disabled people have shown that today these obligations are not fulfilled, said the press service of the accounting chamber, arrived in edition “”.

The Agency acknowledged the failure of the disability programme. “The rate of state support for the improvement of living conditions is so low that it often happens that disabled people simply do not have time to exercise their housing rights,” — are reported words of one of the auditors.

According to the accounting chamber, persons with disabilities often are removed from the housing register (due to death, loss of disability status and independent solution of housing problems) than receive government support. “So, in 2018, the state received 3 percent of the waiting list, and lost the right to improve housing for about 25 percent, in 2019 this ratio was 6% and 12%,” — noted in the provided materials.

Non-compliance with the provision of housing in the Department explain the insufficiency of financial resources: in 2014, the average demand of the regions in the Federal budget on these purposes are met by 5 percent. If resources will be allocated in such amounts and further, the elimination of waiting lists for housing will require more than 20 years, estimated by the auditors. Currently, the queue consists of about 42 thousand people.

There is also the problem of accessibility of environment for disabled people, stated in the chamber: a survey of dwellings in the regions showed that the majority of the housing stock in Russia is not suitable for the accommodation of such persons. Total number of unfit dwellings occupied by persons with disabilities — more than a million.

Earlier, in April, Russia predicted growth in the number of persons with disabilities after the epidemic of the coronavirus. One of the consequences caused by COVID-19 pneumonia may be a pulmonary fibrosis that often leads to respiratory failure and dysfunction of organs. These diagnoses can be an indication for assigning to the person’s disability.

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