The Russians called signs of quality cheese



High-quality cheese is only from yeast and milk. It does not add preservatives and antibiotics. This was the co-owner of the cheese factory “cheese state”, Peter Kondaurov told the TV channel “Mir 24”.

Produced so the product is white, said the expert. But if cheese is yellow or some other color, then add the dye. “Consumer, accustomed to yellow cheese. (…) The most popular dye that is used in all countries of the world, in Europe, particularly in Italy, annatto. It is absolutely natural and harmless dye,” said Kondaurov.

The businessman also added that eating cheese is best immediately after purchase. This is especially true of soft cheeses: mozzarella or ricotta. But hard cheeses can be wrapped in paper. So, according to the expert, they will not lose moisture and will not dry up. The storage of the product at home will not improve its flavor, he added.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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