The Russians called the first symptoms of cancer


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Andrew Nikitichev / AGN “Moscow”

Oncology can be defined at an early stage when it can show the first symptoms of the disease. About it in conversation with “Arguments and Facts” told a therapist, Professor, head of the NGO “Ambulatory physician,” and the Institute for outpatient therapy Arkady Vertkin.

The main features that are worth paying attention to, it is called non-healing ulcer, bleeding or spotting, digestive disorders, difficulty in swallowing, persistent cough, hoarseness, change in appearance of moles and warts, breast lump, scrotum and other places, the change in the rhythm of defecation and urination.

In case of detection of these symptoms, Vertkin recommended to go to the therapist and then to an oncologist or a specialist. He noted that identified in the early stages of cancer has the best Outlook for survival.

Informed doctor of medical science Dean sakaeva listed signs of possible cancer of the liver. Often patients complain of pain in the right hypochondrium, loss of appetite and weight, prolonged body temperatures above 37.5 degrees and yellowing skin.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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