The Russians have called the most dangerous alcoholic drinks


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Strong alcohol in combination with any carbonated beverages can be very dangerous, as gassing of the water enhances the absorption of ethanol into the blood. In addition, the use of such cocktails is fraught with deferred effect, when the intoxication comes suddenly and is extremely severe. This was in conversation with the “Evening Moscow” warned the doctor-nutritionist Anna Belousova.

According to her, one of the most dangerous alcoholic drinks is considered a “Ruff” that combines beer and vodka. “Its peculiarity is that intoxication is much more than expected — as if the man drank half a liter of vodka”, — said the doctor.

Belousov also advised with caution to drink liqueurs and liqueur cocktails, like the “B-52”. Their sweetness masks the strength of the drink, which he can drink it faster, easier and in larger quantities, however, the intoxication comes quickly. Cocktails with the addition of syrups or juice, in particular, “Screwdriver”, can also mask poor quality alcohol.

Nutritionist urged not to drink alcohol during the hottest time of the year. So, if you want to drink alcoholic beverages in the evening, preferring rather weak species. And in the case of severe intoxication it is recommended to take sorbents, e.g. activated charcoal.

Earlier, the Russians advised the perfect picnic wine. So, liqueur wines should not take on nature, because they are too heavy for the hot period. Red wine is better to take not very complicated, but with well-defined hints of fruit and spices. And white wine for a picnic should not be “too easy”. Travelers are also recommended to throw in a glass a few ice cubes in order to comply with the required flow temperature.

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