The Russians sold the car and forgot the money in the grocery cart


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vladislav Lonshakov / “Kommersant”

A Russian from Barnaul sold the car and then forgot a large sum of money in the grocery cart in the local supermarket “Auchan”. About it reports Altapress.

According to the publication, usually in the stores the man puts the wallet in the package, but this time he threw it in the cart. For this reason, he shifted the packages in the car and the money and documents left in the Parking lot.

According to the man, the loss he only noticed the next morning and decided to post an ad in social networks. After that he started calling scammers, ready to return allegedly they found the wallet for a reward.

The Russians also went to the police with the statement for loss of the purse. However, law enforcement officers are unable to help him. The wife of the man told that they are more interested in where her husband took 500 thousand rubles.

Later the victim is still restored lost documents. The family does not believe that the money will be returned back. “You know, there is a saying: wait for the bag on his head will fall down? Type is not trust and no hope. But someone fell! Can you imagine?” — said his wife.

In December 2019 from the roof of the car in the Orenburg region accidentally fell million rubles. Later money found 72-year-old pensioner. He noticed on the road the bag and called the police. “It turned out, one of the organizations the Bank teller put the money in a special bag, put it on the roof of a company car and forgotten about it, went,” — said the police.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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