The student has created a “life-saving” accessory for drivers and famous


www.vsyako.netPhoto: David Price

The student invented a special case that allows drivers to show their documents to the police, without fear of being shot. Reported by the Mirror.

18-year-old David Price (David Price) of New Orleans, USA, has developed a Safety Pouch (“Protective case”) so that motorists do not have to spend much time to search the glove compartment driver’s license during a stop on the check. This idea came to his head after police shot and killed several drivers, thinking that they are trying to get weapons.

So, the bright orange product of rectangular shape has a special clip that attaches to the Sunvisor in the car. If the police stop the driver, he will be able to remove the cover and attach it to the window. In addition, on the front of the accessory has a transparent pocket that allows police to check a driver’s license and understand if someone is driving disability.

“I worked closely with several police officers, to improve the wallet, and they all said it was a really useful thing. Parents are very proud of me. Everyone I tell about the invention, saying it is great because it can save lives”, — said Price in an interview.

It is known that the student has already sold 1200 cases on pre-order. Among his clients was also Tina Lawson, mother of American singer Beyonce. In his Instagram account with the Lawson posted a picture of the invention and told subscribers that acquired it not only for themselves but for their children and nephews.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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