The tips identified lung cancer for nails pensioner and saved her life


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The pensioner went to the beauty shop and found out he had lung cancer. Reported by the Daily Mail.

73-year-old Joan Martindale (Joan Martindale) from the English County of Staffordshire have noticed that the nails on her hands and feet gradually become broad, convex and wavy. On the Internet she found information that all of the above is the symptoms of the disease of the heart or lungs, but did not attach any importance to this.

The tips of Martindale drew attention to the strange shape of her nails and recommended as soon as possible to consult the doctors. On admission to the hospital revealed that the woman actually got cancer of the lungs. In result she had to undergo a five-hour operation to remove the tumor.

“Going to the salon saved my life. Incredible how it [the wizard] has calculated the cancer, barely glancing at my nails,” commented the Briton. Martindale also said that were examined in the clinic six months ago, and then doctors found the cancer in her body.

Currently, the pensioner is undergoing chemotherapy to prevent the formation of new cancer cells.

In April a resident of Australia came to the hospital with a boil on his forehead and accidentally found out about having skin cancer. 29-year-old Marlene of Mellott noticed a small red spot above my eyebrow, but did not give the issue much importance. On reception at the doctor it turned out that the rash on the skin of Millett is one of many types of cancer.

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