The villagers began to worship destilados frog mutant


www.vsyako.netPicture: Yahoo News

Residents of a Thai village in the province of Surin worship shestalou the frog and ask her good luck. This is the website of Yahoo News.

One Kanban (Uan Conaban) has found an unusual amphibian belonging to his family well on July 17. As a result of mutations in frogs front four legs instead of two.

Since then, his neighbors often come to worship the animal and make a wish. In particular, they are asking for a frog-mutant to bring them luck when playing the lottery.

People gather around amphibians and bring her offerings of flowers and scented sticks. Did any of them win the lottery, not specified.

Earlier it was reported that in the Thai province of Phayao farmer’s wife found in a pond six-legged frog. Amphibian itself jumped on the knees of a woman when she fed the fish that her husband throws in the numerous ponds.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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