The woman recovered a wisdom tooth and was dying


www.vsyako.netRebecca Daltongate: MEN Media

The British have not recovered a wisdom tooth, after which she developed an abscess. The infection has spread to the brain women, because of this she almost died, the newspaper the Sun.

A dentist once said to Rebecca Dalton, the tooth should be removed. However, the woman was pregnant and decided to postpone this operation. Then she cut a course of antibiotics and decided that the disease has receded. However, in March, she abruptly became worse. Doctors discovered that the infection was in the heart, liver and brain.

The front part of the brain Dalton was under pressure. Because of this, the British lost the ability to walk, disturbed and some cognitive functions. Doctors found the cause of the disease, and cured the woman. Recently, she returned home.

Earlier it was reported that in China’s Hunan province the man died from blood loss two weeks after he had his wisdom teeth removed. After surgery his gums continued to bleed, but doctors did not pay attention to the complaints of the young man.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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