Tourists are found on the coast, “reminiscent of the alien” a rare fish


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Tim Rothman

On the coast of the Australian rivers have discovered a rare fish-the sun. As informs edition Daily Mail, noticing her tourists first thought that came across “alien”.

Tim Rothman (Tim Rothman), along with a friend found the body of a huge fish at popular Australian beach, at the mouth of the river Kennet, Victoria, on Monday, July 27. “We walked along the shore and noticed a strange lump on the sand. I’ve never seen anything like it. From afar, it looked like the alien” — said Rothman.

Nearby cat Rampton (Rampton Cath) and her husband, Tom, both vets, took the corpse of the creature. In the length and width of the find was made about two and a half meters, it weighed several tons

Australians came to the conclusion that it is a sunfish, also known as the common moon-fish or fish-head. This is the hardest of the modern bony fish, some individuals can weigh more than two tons. The size of the fish, the sun can be up to three to four meters in length and width. Considered a vulnerable species.

The representative of the South Australian Museum Ralph foster (Ralph Foster) explained how a fish could be on the beach. He suggested that the sunfish could bring down a big boat, or she ate a bag, mistaking it for jellyfish, and die.

Earlier it was reported that the inhabitant of the Australian city of Mandurah, Western Australia, found on the coast of strange creatures, some of them were similar to the unusual “egg”. She did some research and found that this wandering sea anemone.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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