Unemployment in Russia has proposed to increase several times


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The Federation of independent trade unions of Russia (FNPR) has proposed to increase the minimum size of unemployment benefits several times, to the level of the subsistence minimum in the region. This was reported by “Izvestia” with reference to the letter of Chairman FNPR of David Crystal.

According to the publication, the minimum allowance will be offered to the subsistence level of the employable population in the region for the second quarter of last year, and the maximum size is on the average wage level in the subject. If the idea of unions support payments can reach 12 to 51 thousand roubles on average in the country.

The appeal States that the payment must be at least half of lost earnings, as it fits the conventions of the International labour organization “concerning employment promotion and protection against unemployment.”

The Ministry said that such proposals for the amount of the benefit will be carefully considered. The Department also reminded that the benefits this year has already increased because of the tension on the labour market.

As explained in the press service of the Ministry, the unemployment benefit is not designed as a permanent replacement of labour income. “This is a support measure that allows a citizen to ensure a minimum income for the duration of job search,” said the Ministry.

7 July it became known that the Russian government decided to give money to the Russians who have remained without work. The government is going to allocate 13,5 billion rubles for the payment of unemployment benefits. It is expected that the money will be allocated during the summer.

According to a recent Cabinet decision, the minimum unemployment benefit in the country will be 4500 rubles. Earlier in June, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the share of unemployed in the country, though have grown, but remained lower than in other countries.

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