Went to Turkey she has said about ruining the rest


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Went to Turkey during the pandemic coronavirus Russian tourist said about ruining the holiday. Your experiences she shared with the “Moscow Komsomolets”.

According to Tatiana, launched in Alanby via Minsk to the hotel that it is for “big money” booked in the winter, was closed. For this reason, her and dozens of other tourists were taken to a hotel on the opposite side of town.

“After the settlement it turned out that the hotel is in a lower class than originally booked. (…) The buffet was very poor, with no animation, and the rooms were cleaned only once in three or four days,” — said the traveler.

“All this is well known Russian tour operators, but they now profit above all else, and trivia from the replacement hotel they think is insignificant. Because of this, many tourists do not know in advance that their stay will not be in the place they expected,” explained zuenko, adding that the replacement hotels is often unequal.

The agent advised the Russians who go to Turkey, “not to believe in the word of travel agents who will do anything just to sell the tour”, and before purchasing vouchers to see for themselves whether the hotel you have selected, and whether your booking in their name in the desired date.

Earlier, Russian tourists are warned that travel companies can lure vacationers to Turkey and hide the real situation with the spread of coronavirus and conditions of stay in the resorts.

On 24 July Prime Minister of Russia Mikhail Mishustin announced the resumption of international flights from August. Countries with which Russia restores flights in the first place, was the UK (London), Turkey (from August 1, Ankara and Istanbul, from August 10 — Antalya, Bodrum and Dalaman) and Tanzania (Zanzibar island). The list will be gradually expanded.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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