Young man swimming in the river on the advice of a priest, and became the prey of a crocodile


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A resident of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh on the recommendation of the priest climbed to swim in the river and became the prey of a crocodile. This publication reports the Times Of India.

On Monday evening, July 27, in the forest area of the tiger reserve Dudhwa 18-year-old Rinkesh Kumar (Rinkesh Kumar) to participated in the religious ritual of “Havan” — the legend of the sacrifice of the sacred fire. After the completion of the ritual the priest advised Kumar to take a dip in the river.

When the young man got into the water, he was attacked by a crocodile. The reptile dragged the young man into the depths. At this time on the banks of the father of Kumar, disabled, desperately calling for help.

The family of Kumar appealed to the staff of the forest Department. Was organized a rescue operation, but it had to be suspended after dark.

The body of the deceased was found on Tuesday, July 28. On his neck and shoulder were deep wounds.

“We have informed local residents that the river is inhabited by crocodiles, but they continue to hold rituals near the river and even swim, risking their lives. Compensation in this case is unlikely to be paid because the incident occurred in the forest area of the reserve. The competent authorities will decide, whether to pay compensation in accordance with the legislation”, — said the Director of the local unit of tiger reserve Dudhwa Sanjay Pathak (Sanjay Pathak).

Earlier it was reported that the crocodile in Mwanza region in Tanzania mauled the child, who swam in the lake with friends. The fishermen informed local authorities that saw the reptile emerged from the water with the body of the deceased.

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