104-year-old retired Professor has revealed the secret of longevity


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A Professor at Harvard, retired, of which 104 years, revealed the secret of his longevity. As reported by the LADbible, she continued to play sports, despite his advanced age, and believes that communication with the coach motivated her to move on.

Kundsin Ruth (Ruth Kundsin) was born in new York in 1916, her parents were immigrants from Latvia. She received a master’s degree in Microbiology at School of medicine, Boston University, and then went into a doctoral program at Harvard medical school in the specialties of Microbiology, epidemiology and biological statistics. In the end, Kundsin was one of the first women professors at Harvard and was a practicing physician-epidemiologist. She retired only in 81.

With age, Kundsin actively engaged in sports and even became the champion American swimmer among the elderly. At 93 years of age she began training in the gym with Dick Raymond (Dick Raymond), who at the time was 59 years.

Professor retired regularly attended training every week, she particularly enjoyed the exercises at the gym. During the quarantine due to the new coronavirus infection, she bought weights and sports bands for home workouts, and Raymond came home to her.

However, on Tuesday, July 28, when she was 104 years old, she decided to stop exercising, reasoning that it’s too weak for this. The trainer hopes that she will not leave sports, because they help her stay in shape.

Despite the refusal of training, Kundsin satisfied with their lives. Most of all she likes that she has the ability to age at home. She believes that sports and “social aspects” associated with it, helped her to live to such a ripe old age.

Earlier dietitian Andrew Bobrowski said that the secret of longevity of the Caucasus lies in the special kebab. The dish has the correct content of unsaturated fats, the expert explained.

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