55-year-old actress caught the attention of fans to their brand picture Topless


www.vsyako.netElizabeth Herletta: @elizabethhurley1

British actress, model and designer Elizabeth Hurley has attracted the attention of fans to own brand beachwear Elizabeth Hurley Beach by posting in social networks candid shot. Corresponding frame appeared in her Instagram account.

On the published frame 55-year-old celeb posing Topless in a yellow bathing suit the brand. While nudity covers translucent pareo white. Your image Hurley added sunglasses. The publication scored 96 thousand likes.

In the comments fans have discussed youthful appearance models and her toned body. “Over the years, just look younger!”, “So damn beautiful. The girl of my dreams”, “Great! Over the last 30 years you haven’t even changed, I’m jealous!”, “Wow, absolutely amazing figure,” they wrote.

Earlier in July, subscribers were surprised by the young Elizabeth Hurley pictured in a bikini. She starred in the advertising campaign of the brand Elizabeth Hurley Beach and pose to face the camera in a swimsuit in gray and white stripes and sunglasses.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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