Bear-sloth attacked a mushroom picker


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Petra Karstedt / Wikimedia

A resident of the Indian state of Jharkhand, were injured in the attack of a sloth in the forest in the tiger reserve palamu. This publication reports the Times of India.

45-year-old representative of the people of bigorty Banaa Asur (Asur Banaa) went to the forest for mushrooms. Man accidentally came too close to the habitat of the sloth — bear, which because of the peculiar appearance called the bear-the sloth.

The animal attacked the mushroom and hurt his face. Asura colleagues heard cries for help and rescued him.

Asura was taken to the hospital where he is recovering from his injuries. Deputy Director of the South division of the reserve palamu Mukesh Kumar (Mukesh Kumar) said that the victim paid five thousand rupees (4.9 thousand) in cash as compensation for the treatment.

Sloth bears are found in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan. Height at the withers is up to 90 centimeters. Feed primarily on ants and termites. Despite its modest size, is considered one of the most dangerous bears in the world. Over the last 20 years in attacks by sloth killed hundreds of people in India, thousands were injured.

Earlier it was reported that in the Indian state of Telangana the crowd killed the bear of sloth, which wounded two people. The incident happened when the sloth wandered into the village.

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