Cancer in Russia began to treat in new ways


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Medical center “Hadassah”

Russian doctors began to use in the treatment of cancer a new, innovative method based on the principles of radiation therapy. About this said the head of the radiotherapy Department of the Oncology Institute “Hadassah Moscow” Sergey Pickin in an interview

According to him, the technique of stereotactic radiation therapy, referred to, in some cases, can completely replace standard chemotherapy, to get rid of some tumors and even eliminated the metastases. Usishkin said that with the new method of malignant tumor of the prostate with a probability of almost 100% gone without a trace. In addition, the technique can completely defeat lung cancer at an early stage.

“Treatment is due to the large dose of ionizing radiation. It destroys the genetic material of tumor cells and inhibits their growth. This eventually leads to the death of the tumor. This is equivalent to surgical removal,” explained Pickin.

However, according to him, the wide application of the method prevents staff shortages that have arisen in the health sector, as well as the high price of such treatment.

Earlier, the Ministry of health has approved new rules for work with older cancer patients in Russia. They first provide for the supervision of patients from diagnosis and throughout life. Also during the year after diagnosis with cancer will be once in three months to invite to be screened in the second year — once every six months, and then once a year. Exceptions will be made only for patients with basal cell skin cancer, after five years of treatment they are considered cured.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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