China responded to the US charges of hacking attacks



Accusations of China hacking attacks made by the US is unfounded. This was stated by the representative of the Chinese foreign Minister Wang Wenbin, his words quoted by channel CGTN.

“We urge the us government and citizens to stop the practice dirty and offensive rumours,” he said. According to van Verbena, Washington has not provided any evidence of cyber attacks. In addition, Beijing does not need to be theft of technology and, on the contrary, often becomes the victim of hackers of foreign countries who are trying to steal Chinese technology.

So the representative of Beijing responded to the accusations of the state Department. The Agency claimed that China is sponsoring hackers who tried to obtain data on vaccine COVID-19 developed, in particular, the company Moderna. Accusations of espionage were brought against two citizens of the PRC.

22 July, the U.S. demanded that China within 72 hours to close the Consulate General in Houston. This decision is explained by the need to protect American intellectual property.

In Beijing, called the decision a political mistake. Also in response, China has demanded to close the U.S. Consulate in Chengdu.

The relations between China and the United States in recent years remain ambitious — the countries are engaged in a trade war. In addition, serious problems in the relationship arise due to differences in the epidemic of the coronavirus and the status of Hong Kong. In particular, on 8 July in Washington called the annexation came into force the law “On national security”. China calls what is happening an internal matter.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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