Disclosed the mystery of the appearance of the slabs of Stonehenge


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The stones of which Stonehenge was created, was taken near the monument. To such conclusion the British scientists, the study was published in the journal Science Advances.

Analysis of the megaliths that make up the cromlech, revealed that the stones were brought from the village of Westwood, located 25 miles North of Stonehenge. The stones were delivered and installed around the same time that allows to judge about the mysterious creators of the cromlech as the representatives of a highly organized community.

To study the plates used x-rays and a method of mass spectrometry, which made it possible to ascertain the origin of the megaliths. “Most of the rocks had a common origin, allowing us to focus on finding a single source,” said the study’s lead author Professor David Nash (David Nash).

Samples of the particles of the megaliths compared with stones with 20 of the surrounding areas. Maximum compliance was discovered with rocks scattered near the village of Westwood, a member of the Wiltshire (UK). According to Nash, the only scientist that linked Stonehenge to the English village, was a naturalist of the seventeenth century John Aubrey (John Aubrey).

According to scientists, a new study refutes the claim that Stonehenge was built from rocks located in different regions. The significance of the monument and the ways in which megaliths have been delivered to a place unknown. Nash believes that multi-ton stones were carried on the sledge, and the decision to select Westwood as the source is dictated by purely pragmatic considerations.

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