Gold set a new record


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vlad Nekrasov / “Kommersant”

Gold set a new record after prices reached the highest level in history, according to Bloomberg.

July was the best month for the precious metal over the last four years. During the month, spot prices soared by 10 percent. Friday, July 31 the precious metal traded in Singapore at a price 1968,79 dollars per ounce. In 2020 year gold has risen in price by 30 per cent and has not yet exhausted its growth opportunities, analysts say. Own record set and silver prices, which in July added 30 per cent, the highest figure since 1979.

Gold prices broke the historical record on 27 July, when the price of the metal soared to 1911,7 dollars per ounce. After that, the price of gold continued to grow.

Gold is traditionally considered a “safe haven” for investors. Prices for the precious metal spurred in 2020 pandemic coronavirus. Another factor contributing to higher prices, was the financial policy of the authorities of the United States, consider one of the Premier investment banks in the world Goldman Sachs. It gives investors and causes them to actively buy gold.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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