Identified areas of Moscow with the prospect of increased cost of housing


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Andrew Nikitichev / AGN “Moscow”

Transition of employees of the Moscow offices for remote work can change the ratio of apartment prices in different districts of the city: transport, housing affordability will become less important, and many prefer to live away from the city centre. This writes the “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, citing a study by Realiste.

According to analysts, in the coming years, the demand for square meters in remote areas may be very large, and after him will increase and prices. “Investors who think about investing in real estate in large cities of Russia you should choose one of the overlooked areas, because within ten years the prices of apartments with high probability they will grow”, — experts believe.

They identified areas of Moscow with the prospect of increased cost of housing: Lyublino, Maryino, Medvedkovo, Losinoostrovskaya, Otradnoye, Bibirevo, Altufievo, Golyanovo, Northern and Eastern Izmailovo. Apartments in these locations up to 2030 can be added in price by about 12 percent. By contrast, homes in the area of metro station “Frunzenskaya”, “Belarusian” and “ENEA”, according to experts, cheaper — currently it is overrated.

In Realiste also called promising for the purchase of real estate area of St. Petersburg is the area of the Riga Avenue, Zanevka, Kudrovo, Rzhevka, metro station “Narva”.

Earlier it became known that the acquisition of new housing in Moscow is rarely conducted in cash in June 2020 in the capital market of new buildings (excluding Zelenograd and annexed territories) were only 1.1 thousand pipetech sales of apartments.

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