Kravchuk described the first steps as chief negotiator in the Donbass


www.vsyako.netLeonid Kravchuchka: Efrem Lukatsky / AP

The first President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk appointed the chief Ukrainian negotiator in the Trilateral contact group (TAG) on the Donbass, called his first steps in his new post. Reports about it “Strenia”.

According to him, the delegation can be changes. Kravchuk said that on Monday, August 3, he will meet with members of the negotiating group for discussion.

“I assume that the group that is now working, which was headed by Leonid Kuchma, made a difficult but important steps we begin life not with a “clean slate” start with certain advantages but there were disadvantages. We will consult with everyone,” he said.

Kravchuk added that he did not communicate with Kuchma about the reshuffle: “I’ll call him and ask him for his opinion on these items. Because I appreciate the work of those who did good in his post, you need to learn and appreciate.”

Earlier Kravchuk has declared its readiness to make compromises in the negotiation process for the settlement of the conflict in the Donbass. The politician said that his only mission is to end the war and to make so that in Ukraine dominated the world.

July 30, Kravchuk has agreed to head the Ukrainian delegation in the TAG instead of Kuchma. According to him, “time to rest, not now.” He explained that he wants to do everything possible for peace in the Donbass.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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