“Nord stream-2” was allowed to finish


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Danish energy Agency (DEA) confirmed that the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream-2” 2 Nord Stream AG can start work in waters of the country, after August 3, according to TASS.

This day expires the time to appeal to the Danish Board of appeal issues energy permits for the use of vessels with anchor positioning. It was issued on July 6, on the appeal given four weeks.

The representative of DEA Alibek Louise Jensen stated that even if the complaint in the remaining days will be served, it will not be a reason to immediately suspend the resolution, unless the Council separately will not accept this decision.

Before resuming work, the company should provide the new timetable for the laying of pipes. Approval from the DEA is required. The head a press-services of Agency of Round Falbe-Hansen did not specify whether it has received an updated schedule from the operator.

Meanwhile, Jensen said that to lay the pipe, Nord Stream AG 2 maybe even 19 October 2019, however, this requires the use of vessels with dynamic positioning. Last fall he engaged in the construction pipelaying Swiss company Allseas, but because of the threat of sanctions by the US they stopped work.

The dynamic positioning system installed on the laying vessel “Akademik Chersky”, which in the spring has arrived to the place of construction of the pipeline. The ship belonged to “Gazprom”, and this situation could lead to sanctions against Russian companies. In July it became known that the pipe has changed hands. Nevertheless, the work on completion was not started.

Permission for vessels with anchor positioning may relate to the barge “Fortuna”, which is also located in the area of construction of the pipeline.

Neither Gazprom nor the Russian government, nor Nord Stream AG 2 is not officially pointed the way to be completed “Nord stream-2”, but the dates still marked the end of this year or early next year. The main obstacle is the position of the United States who intend to use sanctions or block work, or to exert pressure on buyers of gas, so that the route could not use.

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