People have described what happened at night of paranormal activity


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Reddit users at the request of the user with the nickname Psychological_Bet179 described paranormal phenomena, with whom they had to deal with at night. In the comments under the post were noted sellers in convenience stores, waiters and security guards.

User thisbilIgates told how during the working shifts in the store I heard a crying little girl. He tried to go in the direction where he thought the sound was, but every time I heard it elsewhere. “I hope someone was just teasing me. But I’m not sure,” he said. Other users are advised never to make the sound of a crying baby, because it is often mimic criminals to lure potential victim.

Th3_warth0g said that once during the night shift noticed an old car that has appeared and then disappeared. The narrator was able to see the number of the car, and he asked the chief to punch him. “This number coincides with the number of the car involved in the accident. The driver, according to the records, was lost, and the car was destroyed,” shared user.

Many users said that often heard unexplained sounds in the rooms where they worked, and this was associated with the activities of ghosts. In addition, the strange cases have occurred with hospital personnel. One of them, nick jws97, remember that one day a patient asked him to dismiss a man who was standing behind the curtains. According to nick, the house was dark and everyone was in their beds.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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