Peter Yan has called for a rematch with Aldo


www.vsyako.netPeter Anphoto: Alexander Scherbak / TASS

The Russian fighter of the mixed style (MMA) Peter Yang in conversation with the correspondent “” has called for a rematch with the Brazilian Jose Aldo.

According to Jan, he is ready to give Aldo a second chance. “Well, all that matters for the guidance of the ultimate fighting championship (UFC). If such a proposal, the managers decide that we have to fight”, — said the athlete.

In addition, Yang appreciated the ability to knockout the Brazilian. “He perenakachivat a lot of guys. I knew everything and knew he was hard hit. But I always try to be sparring with guys who are heavier and bigger than me. So I was ready for anything,” said the Russian.

17 Jul coach athlete John Hutchinson said that for two and a half weeks before the fight for the title UFC in the easiest weight Yang received a fracture, causing a kick. Doctors advised the athlete not to go out in the octagon as it was dangerous to health.

July 12 fight at the island of Jan Aldo won by TKO in the fifth round and won the title. Now scoring 15 victories and one defeat in MMA. The fighter is undefeated in the UFC, demonstrating a series of seven victories in a row.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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