Photos with Hitler and the prototype of the Kalashnikov assault rifle embroil network users


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @HistoryFoto

Twitter users argued for a photo in the account of the “Historical Photos”, which depicts Adolf Hitler and the assault rifle. The description of the picture in the post embroil the users of the network: some felt the wording incorrect, while others agreed with the signature.

Photo designer Hugo Schmeisser shows Hitler German gun StG 44. The description says that the rifle is “later became the prototype of the Kalashnikov”. In the comments users have been actively discussing how true this statement is. As a result, opinions were divided.

“StG 44 and AK 47 different machines from the word at all,” wrote 07droni. Agreed with him and other users. “Look at the shutter on the gas mechanism, USM. They are just different,” said supertoxic42. According to Zvezdochet_SM, it is enough to study the plans and drawings to understand that the StG 44 is not a prototype of a Kalashnikov.

There were those who supported the statement “the prototype”. So, AllhimikRu published a photo of Soviet and German automatic rifles, and felt that their design is very similar. In favor of this version of the commenters also wrote that Schmeisser worked in the Soviet Union after the Second world war.

Previously Twitter users have considered the evidence of the poverty of the Soviet Union photo, which was sealed by a girl in a hat from newspaper. Many of you wrote that this was due to the poverty of Soviet citizens.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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