Published photos luxury seats for business class of the aircraft after the pandemic


www.vsyako.netEchobrianne: PriestmanGoode

In the network appeared photos of the new luxury seats for business class aircraft that can be used in travel after the pandemic coronavirus. Pictures published portal SimpleFlying.

So, each passenger will be assigned an individual seat, is completely closed by a curtain from floor to ceiling, separated from the main part of the salon and is equipped with private dressing room and baggage compartment. In this design, “booths” used for the sole anti-microbial materials, and all devices can be controlled with gestures.

It is argued that the project called Pure Skies Rooms prepared taking into account three key units — increase of personal space, maximum of “beskonechnosti” travel and compliance with all health and sanitation requirements.

The concept was designed by renowned British consulting firm PriestmanGoode. “We firmly believe that through the introduction of additional security measures our project with a number of innovative and relevant options will be extremely attractive for airlines,” said Director Nigel hood (Nigel Goode).

On 18 June, the network appeared photos of the new seats of aircraft that are able to reduce the spread of coronavirus infection and to protect passengers during a pandemic. A project called Zephyr Seat, in particular, involves placing the two-storey cabin seats for their add-ins can be used space in the overhead shelves.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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