Reveals simple ways to save money on buying tickets


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ivan Vodopyanov / “Kommersant”

Russian tourists have uncovered simple ways to save money on buying plane tickets. This writes the portal “traveler’s Diary”.

So, you first need to determine the best day of your flight — go to the website to find tickets to enter the points of departure and arrival, and then choose the option “one way”. Thus, the passenger will be able to choose “the cheapest” date of travel.

“Then click “administration”, but not in a hurry to enter the days first view tickets 30 days in advance or determine in what months are the cheapest flights,” — said the author of the material, offering “to view all dates and all prices on flights to figure out when you will save money”.

As noted, the search for tickets should be in incognito mode. “The prices of the flight can increase with repeated search of certain flights, because the site wants to “scare” person when booking before the price increase”, — stated in the article.

In addition, tourists are advised to use proven search engine because many of the “sell tickets at inflated prices”. “It is desirable first of all to study resources where you can find some great deals. It is better to visit several sites (…) and set notifications, not to miss good options”, — stated in the text.

30 Jul travelers revealed easy ways to get a seat in the business class of the aircraft. In particular, passengers were offered to use a credit card and pass a pre check in order not to miss possible best deals.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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