Russian woman accidentally swallowed a fork


www.vsyako.netPhoto a press-services of regional hospital # 4 /

A resident of the city of Ishim in the Tyumen region have tried to induce vomiting and accidentally swallowed a fork. This was reported in the regional hospital №4, reports

26-year-old girl was admitted to the institution in the morning. She explained that she ate a lot of fatty food and therefore was trying to provoke vomiting with a fork, but the device slipped from her hands. X-rays confirmed it.

The plug could not be extracted using endoscope. She managed to fall into the stomach, so the experts decided to perform an emergency surgery, it took 35 minutes. As told by the surgeon Taleh Yusifov, the patient was lucky because the sharp edges of the instrument from damaging the wall of the stomach — otherwise she could begin peritonitis or gastrointestinal bleeding. The doctor said that for his practice, for the first time removed the fork from the stomach of a woman — according to him, most often this occurs with those who are in places of deprivation of liberty.

In June it was reported that a resident of Moscow swallowed a toothbrush while trying to get stuck in the throat sausage. 22-year-old girl choked on a sausage during a family dinner and decided to push it. When the brush ran into a piece of food, the patient inadvertently inhaled and ingested the item together with the sausage. A foreign object got in an hour with the help of an endoscope.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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