The bride has reduced full girlfriend at wedding photos and was cursed



The bride decided to reduce the full girlfriend at wedding photo and was chided by network users. For a discussion on the portal Reddit drew the attention of the journalists of the Daily Mail.

Later she published a post in which I explained the reasons for his action. According to her, she asked the photographer to take Heather (her name has been changed) thinner in a picture using photoshop, since it seemed that the dress didn’t fit for the figure of a friend.

The author of the post also stressed that Heather knew nothing about this situation, because the retouching was added only in the personal album of the couple. However, a month after the celebration of a friend was found, and the guest noticed a difference in the photos that became the cause of their quarrel.

“Heather was very offended and asked me what I did with pictures. I, in turn, got mad at my other friend Stacy, because she showed us the pictures differ. In the end we Heather got in a huge fight,” explained the bride and added that in conversation he recommended a full friend “be more confident”.

Despite the explanation, commentators criticized the bride’s criticism, calling its actions “pathetic and petty”. “I can’t believe that there were such terrible people, the fact that you have reduced your girlfriend to keep your eyes happy — disgusting”, “How can you blame others for your pathetic and petty act? I’m in shock”, “You used photoshop, because your girlfriend might seem too oily. I think your friendship is over” — they wrote.

In July, the couple criticized because of the waiting list of wedding guests compiled in order of preference. It turned out that the bride and groom have invited divided into three groups — A, B and C — and placed the guests in the order in which they would like to see them at the wedding.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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