The first infected with coronavirus in the United States the dog died


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In new York died first infected with a new coronavirus infection in the United States dog. It is reported by Medical Xpress.

Seven year old German shepherd named Buddy (Buddy) was diagnosed with COVID-19 in may. The hosts drew attention to the heavy breathing of the dog in the middle of April. It is noted that the dog owner by the time a few weeks ill novel coronavirus infection.

The Ministry of agriculture of the United States officially announced the first infection of a dog in the country in June.

In early July, buddy was euthanized. The owners say that the dog began to vomit blood and the vets are unable to help her. The latest blood tests showed that the dog could be lymphoma cancer, overwhelming the immune system.

Authorities have released the order to conduct post-mortem examinations of dogs. However, by the time the order came to veterinarians, the dog was already cremated. Therefore it is impossible to say exactly what the dog is sick before: novel coronavirus infection or lymphoma.

According to information from the Ministry of agriculture in the country was 12 was infected with the coronavirus of dogs, 10 cats, a lion and a tiger. Currently, there is no evidence that domestic animals play a significant role in the spread of infection, but we know that they can get from people.

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