The Russian General decided to confiscate the watch and handles 32 million rubles


www.vsyako.netAlexander Kyslychuvata: Alexander Miridonov / Kommersant

The Prosecutor General’s office filed a lawsuit against the former head of the Federal customs service (FCS), Lieutenant-General Alexander Kizlyk accused of corruption. About it “” have informed in supervising Department.

Statement on the treatment of state income of General property totaling more than 121 million rubles were transferred in petty-bourgeois court of Moscow. It refers to the confiscation of cash in rubles and foreign currency in the amount of 89 million rubles, of two gold ingots and one silver, jewellery, watches and pens luxury brands with a total value of 32 million rubles. In addition, the prosecution intends to withdraw from the General icon of cultural value.

During the inspection it was found that Kizlyk was in the public service since 1984, his wife long time not working. Their combined income from 2001 to 2019 amounted to 34.7 million. Revealed a clear discrepancy between the income of the spouses Kislyakov and value of the property, which they own, therefore it is subject to confiscation in favor of the state in accordance with the anti-corruption law.

Kislak, head of the management of the customs inquiry FCS, was detained by FSB officers on 24 December 2019. With him under investigation were Deputy Alex Silver and several high-ranking customs officials. They are suspected in abuse of power. According to investigators, they helped to avoid criminal liability for smuggling cash to the spouse of the Ambassador of Russia in Kenya and the passenger caught with large sums of undeclared money.

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